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Taramas Service

We provide high quality service of industrial pumps and pumping units together with complex maintenance services of the pumping infrastructure. All our services are based on newest technologies, supported with experience of industry expert involved in production, installation and maintenance of the pumps. We conduct diagnostics on site and through analysis based on our experience we provide the optimal solution. The offer includes the manufacturer's warranty and post-warranty service, as well as a service contract.

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Service and response to failures in 24 hours

9 years of experience in the service

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Qualified service technicians will repair defects not only in our service in Sulinowo near Świecie, but also on site - at the customer`s location. Moreover, we react quickly to reported problems - even within 24 hours, which significantly minimizes the time of production downtime. Due to the fact that we have our own spare parts warehouse, we are independent of their shortages and repair costs are significantly reduced. Thanks to the full availability of parts and components, both our own and competitors, repairs run smoothly and without any problems. In a situation where certain elements are no longer available on the market, we can manufacture them ourselves.


  • Comprehensive service: a full range of diagnostics, refits and repairs, service and maintenance contracts.
  • Industry expert support: diagnostics at customer location, long term experience, analysis of parameters and selection of the best solution, references from completed service actions
  • Economic: selection of the optimal solution to a service incident, components replacement, temporary rental of the pump, minimization of production line downtime,
  • full availability of parts and components: parts and components for our and competitors pumps and aggregates, possibility of making spare parts unavailable on the market.
  • training support: technical and operational training which enables the minimization of service actions and additional costs of replacing parts
  • quick execution: at least half execution time shorter in relation to the competition, dedicated service teams
  • warranty for service and new pumps installed.


  • you do not waste time and money: no need to look for various specialists, fast and full range of services from one contractor
  • we always solve your problem, we do not leave the customer without a solution proposal.
  • solution adjusted to customer needs and budget
  • Full maintenance contract: we take over responsibility for the efficient operation of pumping installations, we conduct regular diagnostics of the pumping infrastructure
  • full availability of parts and components: short-term rental of pumps for the duration of the order, a wide base of cooperators, parts warehouse in Sulinowo
  • we replace the lack of specialists to operate and maintain the pumping infrastructure.

This allows for a solution tailored to the needs and budget. Comprehensive diagnostics and subsequent renovation are not a problem for us. We bring each case to an end, so that the client is not left alone with difficulties. If necessary, we also rent and install a replacement unit for the duration of the repair.
In addition, the design of our pumps makes them extremely easy to service, and in most cases repair is done without the use of special tools.

MORIS pump

A wide range of maintenance services and advice on improving the efficiency of pump sets, this applies not only to our own products, but also to those made by other manufacturers including: SULZER, ANDRITZ, BIAŁOGON, TOFAMA, KSB, WAFAPOMP, HYDRO-VACUUM, ŚWUP and many others.

In addition, we also provide assembly and commissioning of installations. Moreover, we provide technical and operational training, which allows you to minimize service actions, thus additional costs of replacing parts. We provide guarantees not only for newly installed products, but also for maintenance services.