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TARAMAS Spare parts

We offer a full range of parts for pumping units, which ensures their high availability. This applies not only to our pumps, but also to the competitiors products. All this with the best possible delivery times and prices. A comprehensive warehouse in Sulnowo near Świecie is not all - it is also possible to create warehouses of licensed parts at the customer's site.

In situations where certain elements are no longer available on the market, or unique for a given type of device, we have the option of making them using the latest technology - with the help of a 3D laser scanner.

Pracownik podczas skanowania części
Production of parts Scanning program
Worker scanning a part

To a large extent, we rely on universal and commonly available elements, which greatly facilitates service activities. One of our guiding principles is unification. This means, among other things, the use of replaceable bearing housings for several pump diameters or impellers for several series and types. This definitely affects the benefit of optimal inventory levels, and hence - the availability of parts.

As with complete products, parts are also fully guaranteed.

Spare parts- case studies

Closed impeller
Photo of closed impeller
Open impeller
Photo of open impeller
Special open impeller
Photo of special open impeller
LowPulse impeller
Photo of LowPulse impeller
Sample realization of parts
Sample realization of parts