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Refit description

Pump: Moris

  • Date: 6.10-22.10
  • Device type: Centrifugal pump
  • Localization: ANWIL S.A. Włocławek
  • Manufacturer: MORIS


  1. Workplace training of employees.
  2. Preparation of equipment for work.
  3. Disconnection of the cooling system from the gearbox.
  4. Dismantling the drive gears of P-289, P-290 and P-291 pumps..
  5. Transport of gears to the T&T PUMPS workshop.
  6. Gears repair at the workshop

After the gear was disassembled into parts, raids were found on the inner races of the bearings, which were caused by high operating temperature of the gear.

The condition of the teeth on the attacking shaft shows the first signs of damage.

Gear rack:

The condition of the teeth of the large toothed wheel does not show any signs of wear. The tooth profile remains intact.

  1. Bearing replacement 22320 – 6 pcs.
  2. Bearing replacement 22228 – 6 pcs.
  3. Replacement of sealing Viton rings ,
  4. Sandblasting of bodies,
  5. Unblocking the oil cooler,
  6. O-rings replacement,
  7. Gear painting,
  8. Replacing breathing filters,
  9. Transport of the gear and assembly on the stand,
  10. Connection of the transmission cooling system

Refit of pump MORIS no. P-290

  1. Disassembly of the 1300mm elbow at the pump suction,
  2. Dismantling the pump impeller,
  3. Disassembly of the rotating assembly,
  4. Transport of the rotating assembly to the T&T PUMPS workshop,
  5. Turning the gland bushing,
  6. Welding in a new sleeve made of Duplex,
  7. Seating the stuffing box on the rotating assembly,
  8. Transport of the rotating assembly to Anwil Włocławek,
  9. Assembly of the rotating assembly on the site,
  10. Impeller assembly,
  11. Sealing pump,
  12. Axial alignment of the pump-gear unit,
  13. Replacement of flat seals on the flange connection with the elbow,
  14. Elbow 1300 mm assembly,
  15. Connecting cooling system to stuffing box.

MORIS no. P-290 pump

The condition of the pump shaft is good. A detailed report on shaft measurements will be presented in the appendix. Bearings mounted on the shaft show the first signs of peeling of the outer race. Bearing clearance on the rotor side is normal (0.15 mm), bearing clearance on the gear side is normal (0.18 mm).

  1. Dismantling old bearings 22244 and 23244,
  2. Shaft verification,
  3. Whitening the surface for stuffing box,
  4. Cleaning the remaining surfaces of the shaft,
  5. Installation of new bearings
  6. Spiraltrack assembly,
  7. Shaft maintenance,
  8. Packing,
  9. Transport to Anwil Włocławek.

The rotating assembly of the MORIS pump