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Pumping units

We support you with the professional selection of pumping units, tailored exactly to your needs.

Our products are a combination of German quality components and Polish knowledge, reliability and professionalism.


  • Durable and reliable: made of acid-resistant steel 1.4460 (Duplex) with mechanical, dynamic or cord sealing (on special customer's request)
  • economical: providing excellent efficiency parameters> 70%, high energy savings, universal and commonly available parts
  • proven technology: technology that provides simple but effective solutions, a wide range of operating parameters, high operating comfort for the user
  • known and appreciated: solid German and Polish components made by the most approved suppliers in the industry. y
  • customized: prepared for the individual requirements of the client, allowing to achieve the highest performance parameters in relation to the needs and costs.
  • Expert support: technical support for selection of optimized solutions for technological production lines, technical training for operators of pumping units.
  • full warranty: warranty and post-warranty service of the manufacturer, full availability of parts.


  • Saving time and money: long maintenance-free exploitation cycles.
  • increased durability: Made of DUPLEX steel or hardened DUPLEX steel with increased hardness up to 380 degrees Brinell
  • installation efficiency: high pump efficiency, minimization of operating costs
  • reliability: proven technology without extensive electronics, based on durable materials
  • Custom made: tailored to individual needs, selected on-site
  • Safe and easy to use for operators.
  • credibility: cooperation with the leaders of the pump industry Taramas Pumps
  • Availability of spare parts: — comprehensive part warehouse in Sulnów, the possibility of creating consignment warehouses of parts at the customer's
  • limited production interruptions: access to parts, service response time, pump rental option

TARAMAS products

TP-APR pump


Horizontal pump
Q = up to 2 800 [m³/h]
H = up to 150 m

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TP-SPR pump


Self-priming horizontal pump
Q = up to 2 000 [m³/h]
H = up to 70 m

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Horizontal pump
Q = up to 3 500 [m³/h]
H = up to 140 m

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TP-ONE pump


Horizontal pump
Q = up to 5 400 [m³/h]
H = up to 118 m

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TP-V-ONE pump


Vertical pump
Q = up to 1 400 [m³/h]
H = up to 35 m

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TP-HS pump


Screw pump
Q = up to 180 [m³/h]
H = up to 240 m

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